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1  Turkish law forums / TURKISH FAMILY LAW / Re: Divorce and Separation on: October 31, 2011, 03:46:34 PM
Dear Tukay,
I am a Bulgarian citizen , a woman,married for a Turkish citizen.We have been married since January 24th,2007.We married in Turkey,but of course our marriage was immediately legalized in Bulgaria too.
My husband has Bulgarian id card-a temporary residence permit on the grounds he has been married to a Bulgarian citizen.It expires in the middle of January,2012.It is his fourth permit.
I also have a residence permit,my first,which expires on November 22th,2011.
Anyway,my husband wants to divorce with me.The reason,according to him,is that I have started job on Sep.1st here in Bulgaria.I started this job as it was impossible for me to work in Turkey.I am an English teacher,and I have to pass a special exam there KPSS, as far as I remember. So i asked him whether to start searching for job in Bulgaria,as our financial status was very bad,I have some important expenses in Bulgaria ,as mortgage and so on,and my husband also have some huge debts in Turkey.That's why I wanted just for a year to work in Bulgaria,while we overcome these financial difficulties.At first he agreed ,but later,when  I have already accepted the job and signed a contract,he started accusing me I have separated him by purpose,which is not true.
Anyway now he wants to divorce.We don't have any children,I have one from a previous marriage and I have the parental rights.The child is not adopted by my husband.
So,one of my questions is:
Do I have right to ask for an alimony and what could be its amount?
I'd appreciate if you answer my question as soon as possible.
Thank you in advance.
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