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The Environment Code - Law no: 2872 is really good to keep your environment fit and healthy. If your surrounding is not clean and clear then it will affect your health too.

Thanks for such a useful information. Neurosurgeon also could be wrong for predicting your actual disease as well as the treatment that is required. It is truly said as malpractice. Even it can e happen with your medical bills also. You can take help of an expert injury attorney in case it happens because of your accident.

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According to the Turkish Nationality Act, to apply for Turkish citizenship, you should be at the age of consent according to your own national legal system. There are some exceptional ways of obtaining Turkish citizenship in which all conditions of acceptance to citizenship are essential except the five-year residence period and an indication of the will to remain in Turkey.
Turkish citizenship is not acquired upon marriage to a Turkish citizen. A foreign national who marries a Turkish citizen is eligible to apply for Turkish citizenship three years after the marriage contract is signed. You citizenship is permanent after that.