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Community committee's

Started by fireman263, April 08, 2009, 02:07:11 AM

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I own an apartment on a complex with26 apartments. When we occupied the apartment we were told we had to pay a sum for site maintenance which we did. After two years the majority of the owners were disatisfied with the maintenance and made moves to replace him. At this point in time we had no committee and most of the owners did not have their Tapu because of the changing legislation. The man that does the maintenance is the builders best freind.  In the owners absence the builder formed a committee to secure the maintenance mans position. We have had numerous words with the maintenance man about his poor performance and also letting apartments in the owners absence and without their permission. now we have our Tapu's how do we get rid of the committee that the builder formed and elect our own?Which part of Turkish law covers this? Many Thanks in anticipatioin