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Started by tamim, October 25, 2009, 06:11:30 AM

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hello to all members
please I need help from a lawyer
I have a land in istanbul avrupa city  , which I inherit  several years ago , and I am not a turkish citizen
what is the legal procedure to buy it
how to know the prices of lands ( arsa ) in istanbul regions
and I wish to know an email address of specialized lawyers or real estate middleman who can help me
and thank you for your assistance


s per the Law on Real Property Leases (Law No. 6570), real properties such as hotels, boarding houses, dormitories, etc., which have to be leased in accordance with the proper use of the property, might be assigned or subleased by tenants without the landlord's consent provided that the whole real property is not leased. Actually this is the whole point of the business. The person running the hotel is supposed to rent it out. Under the Law on Real Property Leases (Law No. 6570), other than the exception mentioned above, tenants are not allowed wholly or partly to assign or sublease the real property unless otherwise stated in the lease agreement. However, if you don't have a rental agreement in written form, the tenant may argue that a verbal agreement allows him to sublease the property.