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Getting Turkish citizenship by marriage

Started by yabanci, November 28, 2010, 08:13:47 AM

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I m Pakistani citizen and getting married with a turkish citizen, i want to know

1- what will be my status after marriage
2- what if we seperate after some period? then what will be my status?
3- if i apply for citizenship, do i have to go for Army? if yes, for how long?
4- if i apply for citizenship, do i have to stay in turkey? or can i work anywhere?

I need to know my rights before i take any step.



Turkish citizenship is not acquired upon marriage to a Turkish citizen. A foreign national who marries a Turkish citizen is eligible to apply for Turkish citizenship three years after the marriage contract is signed. You citizenship is permanent after that.


You need to wait 3 years after marriage in order to become Turkish Citizen.