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flat sharing law

Started by sullivan, October 11, 2007, 04:26:26 PM

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I own an apartment in Fethiye and need to get a copy of the flat sharing law (preferably in English) as i am having problems regarding the powers of the management committee.  The resident owners (most of whom form the committee) have decided that a garden will be established on the side that they overlook.  They also want car parking spaces to be erected at each owners expense, which will be on the side i overlook and will take up most of the garden on this side.  We all own one sixth of the grounds on which the apartments were built but the first two buyers built large car parking spaces and one has now taken more to accomodate a boat.  The remaing space is insufficient to accomodate a further four car parking spaces which means that one or two apartments will be without one.  This in effect means that the four permanent residents will claim and erect one leaving me and possibly the other non permanent resident without.  They have also not made any reference as to what materials should be used.

My problem is 1) This could mean that my right to one sixth of the land is eroded possibly devaluing my property.  (2)  The covered spaces already erected are made of any materials they could find and look awful.  By not insisting on either materials to be used or a uniform style, i face the prospect of overlooking a line of ramshackle shacks which could also adversly affect the value of my property.

Can they do this?  I am returning to Turkey in November to try and sort this out and have informed them of this together with my objections, so it would be extremely helpful to have a copy of the flat sharing laws so i can protect  my rights.

I would be very grateful for any advise.

Regards  Maggie Sullivan