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Criminal Cases

Started by Av.Duygu Tekay, April 16, 2007, 12:07:32 AM

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Av.Duygu Tekay

Q. How do I post bail and when do I get it back?
A. The Court Clerk will tell you the type and amount of bail to be posted and how to do it. Bail is a way to be sure you show up in court. Bail can't be returned until the case is finished or bail is lowered or you are released in your own recognizance or returned to jail.

Q. I have a warrant outstanding. If I come to court, will the judge put me in jail?
A. A warrant will not stop until the person makes a personal appearance in court. It's up to the judge about jail.

Q. I was a crime victim. Do I need a lawyer to prosecute the accused?
A. In Turkey; judge asks "do you want attorney?" if you say yes judge appoint a lawyer to you.

Q. There has been an indictment in my case. What happens next?
A. There will be a date scheduled for an "arraignment" of the indictment. At the arraignment, a plea will usually be entered and the issues of bail and your right to a lawyer will be discussed.

Q. The Court imposed a fine and a surcharge in my case. What do I do?
A. Talk to the Court Clerk about how to make payment with the court-ordered collection agency.

Q. How do I appeal?
A. A Notice of Appeal must be filed. Talk to the Court Clerk about time limits and who must get the notice.


Thanks for giving such a nice information on the criminal cases. It would really be helpful to those people who have applied any case or is suffering presently in some case. All the cases are very difficult and complicated to solve if proper lawyer is not appointed. All the cases depends upon the severity of the offence. If the offence is not too sever then a criminal only gets bail or vice versa.