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Amasya Proclamation 1919

Started by admin, December 27, 2008, 06:22:45 PM

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Amasya Proclamation (22nd June 1919 - War Of Indepence)

1- The integrity of the country and the independence of the nation are in jeopardy. Since Istanbul Government is under the influence and domination of the Allied States, it could not perform the obligations that it has undertaken. The determination and resolution of the nation would save the independence of the country. It is required that a national council shall be established without any influence and domination in order to announce the rightful voice of the nation. It has been resolved that a national congress shall be assembled in Sivas that is the safest and the most secure place of Anatolia from each direction. To this effect, it is required that three delegates that have acquired the confidence of the people shall be sent from each district of all the cities as soon as possible. Taking into consideration all sorts of possible negative incidents, this issue shall be kept confidential as a national secret and the delegates shall continue their journeys in a confidential manner.

2- A congress shall be assembled in Erzurum in the name of the Eastern provinces on the date of 10th July. In case that the representatives of the other provinces can reach to Sivas until the foresaid date, the members of Erzurum Congress shall set off in order to participate in the general congress to be organised in Sivas.

3- In respect of the election of the delegates by the National Societies of Defence of Rights and the Directorates of Municipalities or in any other ways, I request the support and aid of your patriotism. I also request that the names of the delegates that are elected and the departure dates and times shall be notified in advance.

4- Those people would work to the execution of these aims; The inspector of the 9th army Mustafa Kemal, Hüseyin Rauf Bey, 15th Army Corps Commander in Erzurum Kazım Karabekir Pasha, 13th Army Corps Substitute Commander Miralay Cevad Bey, 3rd Army Corps Commander Refet Bele, The Governor of Samsun Sanjak Hamit Bey, 2nd Army Inspector Cemal Pasha, 12nd Army Corps Commander Miralay Selahaddin Bey, 25th Army Corps Commander Ali Fuat Pasha, 17th Army Corps Substitute Commander in Bursa Miralay Bekir Sami Bey, 1st Army Corps Commander in Edirne Cafer Tayyar Bey and other important civilian or military people, and the opinions and ideas of these people would be taken ; Former Grand Vizier Müşir Ahmed İzzet Pasha, The Minister of Nafia Ferit Bey, Ahmet Rıza Bey.

5- I request the immediate acknowledgment of the receipt of this telegram. All the telegrams will be transferred easily. This situation was informed to the Directory of Telegram and Post.

6- Military or Civilian foundations will never be left or given to anybody else. All of the army will be related to any of integrity to anywhere in the Country, we will defence all together. So, the commanders will inform each other immediately. Weapon or war materials will never be lost.

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