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Law On The Food Allowance For The Navy Personnel - Law no: 2852

Started by admin, September 15, 2010, 04:24:26 AM

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Law No               : 2852
Date of Acceptance            : 27/11/1935
Date of Publication in the Official Gazette   : 03/12/1935
Number of the Official Gazette      : 3172

Article 1 – (Amended Article: 26/06/1973-1777/Art. 1)

The food allowance of the officers and non-commissioned officers assigned for ships of the Turkish Armed Forces, listed below, shall be paid in addition to the monthly salary. The payments related with the 12th month shall be made at the end of this month.

Navy Commander: 300
Fleet Commanders, equivalent afloat unit commanders and navy command chief of staff : 250
Division commanders and unit commanders, fleet and division command Chief Engineers: 200
Ship commanders and ship Chief Engineers: 175
Officers: 150
Non-commissioned officers: 100

Article 2- Those assigned as deputies due to inappropriateness of the rank shall be paid the food allowances mentioned in article one.

Article 3- (Amended article: 26/06/1973-1777/Art. 1)

No food allowances shall be paid for periods during which the ships are under factory or dock maintenance.

Article 4- (Repealed:26/06/1973-1777/Art.2)
Article 5- (Repealed:26/06/1973-1777/Art.2)
Article 6- (Repealed:26/06/1973-1777/Art.2)
Article 7- (Repealed:26/06/1973-1777/Art.2)

Article 8- No food allowance shall be paid for any reason to those not actually existed in the ship.

Article 9- (Amended article:26/06/1973-1777/Art.1)

The food allowance shall be paid in double for the period the ships stay in the harbors of the foreign countries.

Article 10- The course food allowance shall be paid during the courses.

Article 11- No food allowances from two sources shall be paid. Payment shall be made for the higher amount.

Article 12- Food allowance for those in another ship for maneuvers and any exercise, shall be paid in the amount allocated for their post, and if not available, the food allowance allocated for ship officers shall be given. (The second sentence has been repealed: 26/06/1973-1777/Art.2).

Article 13- No food allowance shall be paid to those assigned with duties in ships and in courses shall not be paid the travel or residence.

Article 14- (Amended article:26/06/1973-1777/Art.1)

There shall be no deductions on the food allowance as it is exempt from any tax.

Article 15- The law No 659 and the related law No 2022 has been repealed.

Article 16- The method for the implementation of this Law shall be defined by a regulation.

Article 17- This law shall come into effect by the start of the month following the date of its publication.

Article 18- (Amended article:26/06/1973-1777/Art.1)

This Law shall be executed by the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Interior and Ministry of Finance.

Provisional Article-1
Non-commissioned officers, who are still working in the warships and auxiliary ships, to be eliminated shall be paid the food allowance allocated for the sixth class and lower military civilian officers until the date they are eliminated.