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Court final decision, Verdict

Started by admin, November 28, 2018, 11:30:22 PM

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My trial is over, decision has been rendered, has the process

All judicial activities are the result of complicated processes
which need great attention. The legal system, being aware
of the fact that mistakes may be done in this complicated
process, has established a judicial control mechanism in
order to check consistency of the decisions with the Law
by means of an another court. In this regard, objections
or appeals may be submitted to the First Instance Courts
or Higher Courts depending on the nature of the decisions
rendered by the Court. The trial process is completed when
the final decision is rendered.

What is a final decision?
A decision becomes final when all judicial remedies are
exhausted. The law does not grant the right to judicial
remedies for very simple matters. Apart from these
exceptions, judicial remedies have been introduced for all
decisions in order to ensure a second review. In case this
right is not used within the certain time limit or dismissed
after the review by the relevant court, the decision becomes

What is a verdict?
The judgments of the Courts are sent to the parties in
writing. All judgments include a stamp and signature. This
letter is called "verdict". In the final part of the verdict, it is
stated whether the decision is final as well as the time limit
and authority you can appeal to. The decision becomes final
only when the parties do not appeal in the designated time

How is a decision made final?
In order to make an appeal in civil courts, the decision should
be notified to the parties firstly. Following the reasoned
decision and payment of the fee, the decision is notified to
the parties and time limit for appeal starts . On the other
hand, in labour and criminal courts the time limit starts as
soon as the parties learn the decision. If the decision is read
aloud in the courtroom, time limit starts immediately, if not
notification date is the start of the said time limit. There is no
need to take an extra action in these courts.

How will you know a decision is final or not?
You can ask to the registry of the court which renders
the decision if the decision is final or not. If there is no
application for appeal or the application has been dismissed,
the court registry will put an explanation on the decision.
This explanation is an annotation which shows the decision
is final.